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About KinectToVR

What is this?

KinectToVR is a free and opensource Windows application to create virtual Vive trackers (pucks) from the skeleton tracking of Xbox and Windows Kinect devices and PlayStation Move setups

The current version of the app is called K2EX, short for K2VR EX because it's an extension of the original developer sharkyh20's work.

We aim to release a near complete rewrite of the application at some point. Please don't ask when it'll come out, because we don't know ourselves.

Why bother with Kinect?

There's a lot of hidden potential in the Kinect, it's a rare gem in the sense that we have a widely available affordable depth sensor with a free SDK including a serviceable skeleton tracking algorithm that isn't taxing on resources. It's like the stars aligned.

Through software, we can overcome a lot of the limits of the device. Such as not being able to turn around or the fact it can only capture at 30hz. It becomes a really interesting proposition as a full-body tracking solution for those who don't mind losing a bit on quality for a mere fraction of the price.

We keep on trying to be "Kinect Evangelists" and spread the good word of how Kinect can actually be really great. And improving K2VR is only part of it.

What can it do?

It can spawn 3 trackers for your waist and feet based on the Kinect's skeleton tracking. You can also use a setup involving 3 PlayStation Move controllers and 3-4 PlayStation Eye cameras connected via PSMoveService.

Here's an incomplete list of the features currently in K2EX:

* Latency is still limited by the 30hz depth sensor.

Is K2VR for me?

It all depends on your expectations. If you want perfect tracking and wanna breakdance and backflip like none other, Kinect isn't for you. But if you want to sit down, do jumping jacks, walk about your huge playspace or anything of the sort, Kinect is wonderful. I would recommend you join our Discord if you have any extra questions.

Who is behind this?

sharkyh20 Original developer

公彦赤屋先 (KimihikoAkayasaki) Main developer since K2EX.

Himbeer Installer development, Discord support

notzer0 (Ollie) Discord support

ArtemisMax Discord support

Aria Discord support

AuroraNemoia (Ella) Installer development, Very very small amounts of app development, Designer, Project lead, Community manager, Discord support, Web development, Video tutorials

I want to make clear that while I (Ella) put a ton of roles on myself, everyone on the team is equally involved in the way this project goes.

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