Kinect Full-Body Tracking

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K2EX Installer

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Installer 2.2.0 • K2EX 0.8.1

Hash: 3889F648813417DAD7AA738F43006A35

System Requirements:

Windows 10 1809 or later

Roomscale PCVR headset compatible with SteamVR

Kinect for Xbox 360, Kinect for Xbox One or PlayStation Move + Eye

Appropriate Kinect USB adapter

Compatible USB 3.0 controller with available bandwidth for Xbox One Kinect

More info about system requirements

How to calibrate:

Automatic Calibration:

Manual Calibration:


How do I track my head and hands?
You can't. This program was made for leg and hip tracking only. if you want to cook up a DIY VR setup, you're gonna need to buy Driver4VR.

What makes KinectToVR so much better than Driver4VR?
It's free and it takes less CPU to run. it has "60FPS" tracking, can despawn trackers in the middle of a game to get out of fullbody tracking, and most of all you can turn around without your body becoming mashed potatoes.

Can I use multiple Kinect sensors at once?
No, never. for many technical reasons, this isn't achievable while retaining our sanity. And anyway, you can achieve spinning around with a single Kinect.

Where is Sharky?
Hooray Sharky has in fact, not succumbed to COVID-19. Refer to the announcements channel on Discord. We don’t know where she is. I’d assume we would know if she died. But in her last update video and on Discord she mentioned going to university. I’ve personally seen people go off the grid for multiple YEARS when going to uni or college in the past. So, uhh, probably having a splitting headache in a dorm doing assignments and getting drunk with mates.

About system requirements
KinectToVR itself can be launched on Windows 8.1/7 if you try hard enough. But the installer is built for Windows 10 only. Considering Windows 7 is unsupported and 8.1 is nearing EOL, we are not going to be developing for these versions. As for Linux support, K2EX depends on the Microsoft Kinect SDK and it's native Windows drivers, unless some insane soul were to rewrite KinectToVR to use opensource alternatives including the skeleton tracking, it's most likely never going to run on Linux, not even emulated.

Just about every headset has been tested with K2EX, Vive, Vive Cosmos, Quest, Quest 2, ALVR, Oculus Link, Virtual Desktop. They all work, as well as Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The K2EX driver doesn't care what your actual headset is, it just makes trackers.

Nearly everyone will be using Kinect for Xbox. But that doesn't stop Kinect for Windows V1 and V2 from working. You'll just need to tell the installer to install for the corresponding model of Kinect for Xbox. Kinect Azure DK is based on a very different system and SDK and as such is incompatible with K2EX. You can use Aria's k4a_openvr to use it for FBT. It does use quite a bit of your GPU though!

Kinect for Xbox doesn't actually end in a normal USB connector despite actually being based on USB. The connector provides 12 volts of power and USB. The adapter turns this into a wall wart and a USB connector. You can find them realtively cheaply on eBay or Amazon by searching for "kinect 360 adapter" or "kinect one adapter". Kinect for Windows doesn’t need an adapter as it ends in USB already.

Xbox One Kinect is very demanding when it comes to USB bandwidth, and it's also very picky about controllers. You can use USBTreeView to see what USB controllers you have on your PC and what's connected to them. If you seem to be having connectivity issues or are unsure, feel free to ask us on Discord.

This is important, if you have a Vive, Vive Pro or Valve Index, you should stay away from the Xbox One Kinect because it interferes with lighthouses, making your headset and controllers stop tracking. Xbox 360 Kinect has nearly the same tracking quality and won't cause these issues.

other bits

What people call “Playspace Mover” is actually Space Drag from OpenVR Advanced Settings.
An addon for SteamVR that contains incredibly useful stuff.

If you're playing VRChat, and you want to launch into fullbody while in-game but are in an invite-only instance. You can use VRChat Rejoin Tool to launch the game back into the last world you were in as if you launched it from the VRChat Web UI.