ALVR tips & tricks

How to register the driver

By default, ALVR will disable every other external SteamVR driver and only enable it's own to reduce risks of incompatibility or running into issues with setup.

You can still make ALVR work with other drivers by going to the ALVR dashboard window, then Installation, and clicking on Register ALVR Driver. You will need to restart SteamVR after.

If you still cannot load the KinectToVR driver after doing this, return to the Server Error fixes page and follow from there.

Changing tracking to stage centered

To use other tracking spaces in SteamVR, such as with KinectToVR, you should change ALVR's tracking space from head-centered to stage-centered, so that the center of your SteamVR playspace stays aligned with your Oculus guardian.

You can do this by going to the ALVR dashboard then clicking on Settings, Headset and finally choosing Stage (Room centered).

You should restart SteamVR after doing this.