How to fix SERVER ERROR (Code: -10)

This is happening because the SteamVR driver associated with KinectToVR is disabled, blocked and/or unlisted from the drivers list.

For ALVR users:

If you're using ALVR it will disable other registered external SteamVR drivers by default.

You can go to this page to see how to fix it.

Make sure the driver isn't disabled or blocked in SteamVR.

After restarting SteamVR, KinectToVR should show "Sucess!" in the Kinect Status label.

If the driver wasn't in the add-ons list.

This means the driver is missing from openvrpaths.vrpath, the file that SteamVR reads to find various important directories, including external drivers.

Press Windows logo + R to open the Run dialog, and paste in %localappdata%/openvr then press Enter to open the folder in a file explorer.

Download this file: openvrpaths.vrpath

Drag it to the folder, and click yes to overwrite the existing file.

After saving the file and re-opening SteamVR, go back to the top of the page and make sure the driver is enabled. Then launch KinectToVR again.

I'm still having issues.

If the driver is enabled and you restarted SteamVR after enabling it, and you're still getting the server error. Try checking if you have third-party firewall software that could be causing KinectToVR to be unable to connect to the driver.

If you have no such software. You should come ask us for help on Discord.