How to calibrate

Automatic Calibration

This is the default calibration method and it's recommended for most people, since under good conditions it will produce a more accurate result than manual.

  • You need to move in three different positions. The Kinect should be able to see your entire body in each step.
  • You should stand a good 1-2 steps away from the last position on each step.
  • There's a countdown for each position before it captures it. You should be standing still when the countdown hits zero.
  • Calibration is complete!

If calibration fails

  • Calibrate again, changing your head level between positions.
  • Increase the number of calibration points from the default of 3. Calibration will take longer, but this increases the likelihood of it working.
  • Delete the K2EX configuration and try calibrating again, there's a button to do this in the Options tab.

Manual Calibration

This is similar to how previous versions of KinectToVR worked with some added quality of life improvements like switching modes and confirming without re-opening the dashboard and controls for precision movement.

manual calibration controls